Company Profile

White Line Essentials was established in 2009 in California. White Line Essentials manufactures skin care products for the both the Retail market and the Spa-Salon trade.

Both the name White Line and the unique design of the boxes-packaging have a copyright. White Line Essentials is registered with and allowed to sell within the European Union, and therefore is accepted globally.

The Boutique Collection was introduced late in 2014 to high-end shops and department stores. The clientele for the Boutique’s Mini Collection is affluent, discerning and educated.

The Spa-Salon line, also sold to individual estheticians, offers a complete range of products for facials, exfoliation, chemical peels, and massage. The Paris Peel is the star of the esthetician line.

Eva Marie

Eva Marie

A second skin care line, EVA MARIE, was developed for the moderate price range. The number of products and sizes are limited. The star of this line is Mother’s Lotion, an anti-stretch mark cream. The Baby Care products also sell well.

White Line Essentials is a DBA of Innosorb Technologies, Inc. registered in California.


In 2007 Dr. Hans-Werner Heinrich established Innosorb Technologies, Inc, in California as a HUB for know-how, intellectual property, health and cosmetic products.

Dr. Heinrich envisioned the development and marketing of a range of products; from skin care cosmetics to neutraceuticals, and Lifestyle products for the home, including art works.